Shipping policy

Shipment will take place through the company MRV, which is a third party independent from CO YN, and which undertakes to deliver the product the customer has bought at the delivery address indicated by the customer.

Generally speaking, and provided that the product is in stock, the delivery term will be:

If the product is out of stock 10 to 15 additional days have to be added to the terms indicated above (i.e. delivery in Spain will generally take from 12 to 17 days). To check products’ availability in stock and/or if you need to receive the product on a precise date contact us

Neither these shipping costs nor the prices of the products include any import taxes or customs. In the event that customs of the customer’s  country should withhold the package, the customer will have to pay customs and processing costs

Please see Section 3.2 Delivery on terms and conditions for further information on delivery