Alvaro is the niece of a jewel maker who was the owner (and many others around Spain) of the mitic jewelry store Aleixandre at the Montera St.

As hand request gift my mother wanted to make something special for him. Suddenly we’ve got an idea: We have to give him a present which he can wear on his wedding day. A pair of cuffs with the mitical A of Aleixandre which presided over the front of many of their jewelry stores.

To Alvaro his grandfather was a very special person, and when we have to look for someone that become real our idea we only thought about Ynes. She make everything with a high taste and finesse and she values the family a lot. I knew Ynes for many years and I’ve been always an admirer of her essence. She’s an artist with personality and loyal to herself, two aspects that my mother and me value the most in the people. We wanted Alvaro to have something crafted by Ynes, something that string along with him the whole life.

a jewel maker Ynesuelves

The quest to find the Alexaindre “A” wasn’t easy. We’ve to travel with Google Earth to San Sebastian where Jose Luis, Alvaro’s grandfather, had one of his stores. There we could appreciate with high sharpness the shop sign at the front of the building, and with several screenshots Ynes knew how to craft it perfectly.

While I’ve been looking for pics about the critical “A” I’ve found a man in Seville who was selling an old box of the jewelry store, dated around the 60’s. I contacted him and he sent it to me to Madrid. It was the perfect complement to such a great jewel.

Instead of our hand request was on the same day of the declaration of the State of Emergency, on 14th March 2020 (a day full of uncertainty) it was a very happy day for everyone. Recalling the family members who left us and we loved so much make the bad days to be a little better.

Thanks to Ynes for transforming a piece of memory into a jewel. We’re wishing the 17th April 2021 to arrive to wear the Aleixandre’s cufflinks with a lot of pride.

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