Beautiful labeltraneja

“Elizabeth Kübler Ross said that after the Second World War she went to visit the Madeneik concentration camp. She was shocked to see the barracks covered with hundreds of painted butterflies. After many years she realized that the children who were in these barracks were aware of their destiny, and painted the butterflies leaving a message of hope: they knew that they would soon become a butterfly, soon they would leave their bodies like a butterfly leaves its cocoon . This story was engraved in my soul, and when I went through a crucial change in my life, I drew my butterfly, symbolizing my life, with half of the wing full painted, representing my life already lived, and the other unpainted, symbolizing the life I have ahead.

One by one my children have tattooed the same butterfly, even my son. A few years ago for my birthday I was given this same butterfly in gold. Half of the wing this time with 4 stones, representing my three children and myself…” #beautifulcoynpeople with #beautifulcoynstories