With the idea of ​​paying homage to small artisans , Ynes intends to recover forgotten traditions , adapt and transform them to fit our present and our future.

For this reason, Ynes Suelves does not conceive perishable collections, but instead boasts of quality and longevity .

The objective of the brand is that the user is the owner of the clothes. We are very aware of how different each person is and how their moods constantly change, so we want to give the wearer the opportunity to manipulate the clothing to wear it as they wish.

Do you want to take off your sleeves? do it.

Ynes Suelves brings other people's ideas to life, together we can shape your ideas into a custom-made piece. The most special pieces are made with hand-painted fabrics by labeltraneja.


Co Yn Jewelry is a finite set of symbols, giving life to infinite interpretations and impressions. Eternal is the key feature that is achieved by searching, finding, and forging precious metals and stones into jewelry.

We work with what asteroids brought us millions of years ago, that bright yellow metal that is created inside stars when they explode in a supernova, gold . That valuable substance that abounds in the heart of our planet Earth. It is believed that there is a strong flow of energy between gemstones and the individual, which is why our goal is to design jewelry that brings the stones into contact with the wearer's skin.

These are the main keys that allow us to create imperishable treasures .

Co Yn Jewelry has come to life not as an inert, inanimate and rigid entity, but as an active, spontaneous and light item, orbiting around the subject.